Hill Farmstead Brewery 2013 Festival of Farmhouse Ales

Hillfarmstead Brewery Festival of Ales
Hillfarmstead Brewery Festival of Ales

Registration is now open for the 2013 Hill Farmstead Brewery Festival of Ales. The event takes place on Saturday, August 10th.

This intimate event hosts 200 lucky ticket holders who will be treated to Hill Farmstead favorites; Flora, Art , Norma, Arthur, Florence, Vera Mae, Civil Disobedience #6, Elaborative #1, Edith, Clara and Anna.

Because so few tickets are available, the event organizers want to make the ticket buying process as ‘fair as possible’. Instead of a hurried ‘on sale’ where every second counts, everyone will have an opportunity to register for tickets.

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After the registration window closes, 50 lucky winners will be drawn at random. They will be provided a unique promotional code that will allow them to purchase 2 tickets each. The remaining 100 tickets are available for sale from Hill Farmstead Brewery’s shop through a similar registration process but you must register in person.

For more information visit www.hillfarmstead.com/fofa/

To register for tickets, click here.

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