Interview: Imaginary Cities, Playing @ Black Cat June 18th!

287568_10150267432251173_3143793_oCanadian band Imaginary Cities just put out a new LP and they’re heading to Black Cat on June 18th! We got a chance to catch up with vocalist Marti Sarbit and discuss the new album, large venues and soul music.
Congrats on the new album! How is “Fall of Romance” different from “Temporary Resident”?
Thanks! “Fall of Romance” is different in the sense that we had a clearer idea of what our sound was going into the recording process. The first album was an amalgamation of songs we had been recording purely for pleasure and had no plans of making an album with them. It ended up being comprised of all of the songs we had recorded up to that point. With the new album, we got to pick and choose our faves which felt like such a luxury.
What was the recording process like for “Fall of Romance”?
We had so much fun recording this album. The whole time we knew we were working on something we’d be very proud to share – turns out we still are! Plus having the chance to work with Howard Redekop at his studio in Vancouver was an unforgettable experience in itself.
What has been your most memorable gig?
I will never forget one of our first shows in Germany. It was in a city called Konstanz. We showed up to the venue thinking “Wow, this venue is huge! I wonder who we’re opening up for.” To our huge surprise, we were the headliner and people actually showed up! And they were singing along to our songs! It was pretty surreal and extremely humbling.
What is your dream gig? Venue? Artist lineup?
I’d love to play a huge stadium or massive venue in front of lots of people who are there to see us. I’m sure that’s just about the most obvious answer I could give, but it’s true.
Name the top three artists/bands that inspire you the most musically.
I’m a sucker for soul music so definitely Aretha Franklin and Sam Cooke. The Beatles. And Shaq.
How do you connect with your audience during a live show?
I figure as long as we’re having fun, the audience catches on to that and hopefully has a fun time themselves. I like to pretend that I’m not on a stage and they’re not standing in front looking right at me. Not only for their sake, but it also calms my nerves to feel like we’re all just having fun together.
What is your funniest tour memory?
We laugh a lot on tour. It seems like something hilarious (hilarious to us at least) happens every day. I could tell you some things, but I’m thinking I should keep this PG.
Name three songs that you’ve had on repeat recently.
I’ve been listening non-stop to “The Man In Me” by Bob Dylan lately. “Are You Gonna Waste My Time” by Zeus and “Going On” by Gnarls Barkley are often on my go-to lists as well.
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