Interview: Rogue Wave; Playing @ Black Cat June 19th!

rogue-waveThe guys of Rogue Wave ventured out last week to start their first tour in nearly three years. With the much anticipated release of their fifth studio album, “Nightingale Floors,” the first album since 2009, the band hit the road to share their new tunes with fans all over the nation.

Zach Rogue, singer and guitarist of Rogue Wave, said they’ve had some pretty good runs in the past. When asked about his most memorable gig, he couldn’t pick just one.

“We’ve played a lot and there have been some great moments. There’s been great cities that we’ve played in. We’ve had some really memorable moments in DC and Chicago, Amsterdam, London, San Francisco, Berlin… we’ve had some really amazing crowds in different cities. The first time we played the Fillmore in San Francisco; that was pretty neat.”

The band has been together for over ten years. Zach admitted that their 4-year break from touring had been quite nice. Although he didn’t mind touring years ago, it’s not his favorite thing to do now.

“Once you have a child, it’s more challenging.”

During those four years, Zach and the band spent time writing and recording new material. He also spent time listening to music in general to draw inspiration. Although he doesn’t have a favorite band, he does have specific bands he listens to according to the type of mood he is in.

“It depends on what I’m feeling. Unknown Mortal Orchestra, I’d listen to them. They’re a good new band.”

While on the road, Rogue Wave has plenty of time to listen to music, discuss shows and plans and talk about their ultimate dreams. Being the jokester that he is, it was no surprise when Zach shared what would be his dream gig!

“I think it’d be pretty cool to play on stage with Journey and Kiss at the same time. That would be pretty special. We could mix up all of our songs into one really cool song. I must say that it would be a bit of a dilemma too because I don’t know how I would want to dress. Would I want to dress more KISS-like with make-up or would I want to be jean-on-jean, kind of mullet style, you know muscle shirts…”

As part of the tour, Rogue Wave will be hitting the Black Cat in DC on Wednesday, June 19. We were super anxious to hear what plans they had in store for the show! Of course, Zach just teased us!

“You’ll have to come to the show and see…”

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