Client Corner: New Changes to Gmail and the Effects on Your Customers


Google keeps rolling out the changes and this time it effects Gmail! This week, Gmail implemented tabs that categorize incoming emails into specific subjects like Social, Promotions, Forums, Updates, and Primary. Primary is the category that will display general emails (it looks like your regular inbox), while other messages, like Twitter and Facebook notifications, are sent to the Social tab. Emails from Ticket Alternative, Scoutmob, Living Social, and similar companies are being sent to the Promotions tab.

Right now, there are mixed opinions on whether this new setup will be harmful or even helpful to your open rate. We suggest telling your subscribers that they can see your concert and event updates in the Primary tab by simply “starring” one of your recent emails. Gmail will remember the preferences and send your “promotional” emails to the Primary inbox section once a customer does this. Additionally, the email recipient can also click on the + sign to the right of the tabs to set and select the tabs that they would like to see. You can communicate the email changes on social media, your blog, and/or website.

In an effort to engage your email subscribers and adapt to the tabs, we encourage you to test subject lines, host sweepstakes or ticket giveaways, include blog content, and keep the emails relevant with information about your upcoming events!

Let us know what you think about the new Gmail tabs in the comment section below.

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