Interview: Indians- Playing @ Black Cat July 22nd!

indiansFrom Copenhagen, Indians is all the work of one man, Søren Løkke Juul, who brought his band in to being when he felt the need to challenge himself and do something different. Not aiming for anything other than satisfying a creative urge, things have snowballed quickly for him ever since.

Performing his first show as Indians in February 2012, he self-released his debut single on 7” a few months later and has since extensively toured both Europe and North America, playing shows with the likes of Beirut, Bear In Heaven, Dan Deacon, Lower Dens, Other Lives, Perfume Genius, Retribution Gospel Choir, Savages and Weird Dreams.

Over the summer months, Søren retreated to a studio in the Danish countryside to finish his early demos and write new material to make “Somewhere Else” a personal document that’s equal parts melancholic lament and hopeful stargazing, the title itself an indication of the sense of otherness that runs throughout. “Somewhere Else” was released in January.

We caught up with Søren of Indians before he caught a plane to the States to start his North American tour. Check out what he had to say about his album, meeting his fans and touring America!

You released your debut album, “Somewhere Else” this past January. What was it like releasing your music to the public for the first time?

I was really nervous to share the songs with people. It was very overwhelming. I’ve been working on this on my own so it was quite a challenge to share it in the beginning. It’s an interested idea because whenever you make a record, it’s in a way, a selfish process because you are making the music to satisfy yourself. I like the idea that when I’m finished, I don’t own it anymore, it’s for everyone.

What was the recording process like for “Somewhere Else”?

I have a small studio set up so I can travel around and record. I did most of the recordings in my apartment. Some recordings I did in the Alps in Sweden. I worked every day from 9 am until 4 pm, took a break, and then worked again at night for three or four months.

Not only did you recently release your first full-length album, but you also got signed to 4AD. What was that like?

I was really excited about it. It’s a big change. I had to go from being an amateur musician to being a professional musician and there were a lot of things to learn. There are a lot of things to do every day, but it’s very inspiring. I have to forget about the pressure and just enjoy it.

Have you been into music for a while or did you recently fall into it?

I’ve been playing in bands for 10 years. I started playing piano when I was about eight. Music has always been a huge thing for me. My dad is in the music business too and I remember when he first took me to a concert. I was just blown away by the energy.

What has been your most memorable gig to date?

There’s a lot. I just played the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. It’s a big festival with about 80,000 people; it was really big. I’ve been to that festival almost every year since I was 16, so it was a big dream come true to actually play my own concert there.

Music aside, how do you connect with your crowd?

It’s really important to connect and be around your audience because without them I wouldn’t be here. I make sure that I’m on the floor after the concert and talk to people. I’m very interested to learn how people live in different places around the world. I like meeting people and I am interested in people’s lives.

What do you ALWAYS have to have with you on tour?

I always have my headphones. Yeah, I bring my laptop with my headphones. It’s nice to bring my laptop and be able to work on my own stuff.

We’re excited to have you in DC! How do you like the States?

This is my fifth or sixth tour in the States. I love it. I love America. It’s very different from Scandinavia. Americans aren’t healthy but I can do it!

Catch Indians at the Black Cat on Monday, July 22! Tickets below!

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