TA Photo Contest Winners!


Two weeks ago the employees of Ticket Alternative were given a challenge: Submit your best Ticket Alternative photos and/or videos that speak our “Awesome” brand. We’re friendly, we’re fun, we’re dorks at heart and we’re obsessed with music, events, gadgets, pop culture, happy hours, and just creating a good time for those around us. With that being said, everyone was totally up for the challenge!

Not only did the creative aspect of this contest get us hyped up, but the reward really got our competitive juices flowing! The winner was to be rewarded with $50 cash and a PAID Friday off!

After loads of unique, creative and funny submissions, the founders of Ticket Alternative, Iain and Jamie, narrowed it down to what they considered the most “brand speaking” photos and videos. The submissions were so AWESOME that they couldn’t pick just one winner! Check out the photos and videos below that placed in the contest!

First Place Winner:

Big congrats to one of our fave employees, Molly Segers!

Second Place Winners:

Third Place Winners:

https://vine.co/v/hauqPKVIrAO (Vine #1)

https://vine.co/v/hzDz6ViXHO3 (Vine #2)

https://vine.co/v/hz0629WgaFM (Vine #3)


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