The TA Marketing/Social Media Internship

537094_4712111675463_1699999967_nI’m sitting here in shorts and a T-shirt, sipping coffee, listening to my iPod and casually surfing Twitter. I’m not slacking off, this is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing right now.

My Ticket Alternative internship has found me interviewing notable musicians, spending the day blogging and tweeting, putting together playlists, working interesting events and gaining experience in marketing, social media and music promotion.

Each day I arrive, settle in and begin by scheduling tweets for the day. On Thursdays I attend marketing meetings before my lunch break. On Fridays that lunch comes free. Afterwards I could be doing any number of things. Today I’ve got a few blog posts to take care of, but another day I may be conducting an interview, contacting PR companies or simply updating our Google Plus page.

Honestly, my time at Ticket Alternative has been fantastic. The office environment is friendly and laid-back, and the work is engaging. This isn’t the internship for everyone, but if you’re musically inclined, social media savvy, marketing minded and easy-going this is the internship for you.

– JJ Posway

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