Awesome Hour with Angela Scarola, Graphic Designer for Ticket Alternative


There’s no beating around the bush here, our staff loves having fun together. When we’re not working, we see shows together, tease each other with pranks, battle to the death in video games, and we regularly indulge in weekly happy hours. Each week we’ll introduce you to one of our awesome staff members. Feel free to reach out to him or her on Twitter and say hi!

First up, we’d like ya to meet our awesome Graphic Designer, Angela Scarola. Angela’s fun-loving, upbeat creative energy keeps the atmosphere light and fun!

How long have you worked at Ticket Alternative and what has changed the most since then?
I think I’m breaking some kind of record, I must be. I have been here for just over 5 years now! I have seen so many changes but the biggest I would have to say is the addition of our development team. Another big thing is now instead of 10 Free Lunch Friday lunches we have about 28…

What kind of projects do you enjoy working on at Ticket Alternative?
I am a print lover. There is just something about printed design that web/digital design will never be able to replace for me. Also, designing our T-shirts, buttons and promotional items would have to be my favorite thing to do here at TA.

What’s one piece of advice that you would give someone when designing new marketing/promotion elements for their events or venue?
I would say keep it original and stay cohesive to your brand. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it! Make people really want to go check it out and be a part of a memorable experience. Guerilla market and take it to the streets in unexpected ways.

What blog sites do you nerd out on and read daily?
… I’m also completely obsessed with PINTEREST

Name one graphic designer or artist that inspires you and why?
Paula Scher. She has always been a design hero of mine because she broke boundaries for women in the design industry; paved the way for young female designers like myself. Her use of type blows my mind. My artist and designer friends here in Atlanta also inspire me a lot everyday.

Best tool for designers?
Right now I have recently discovered FOUNT and it has changed my life! Well, not really but it’s really useful! Fount will tell you which web font in your font-stack you are actually seeing – not just what is supposed to be seen. It’ll also tell you the font size, weight, and style on any website with just a click.
here is the website to get it:

What upcoming Ticket Alternative event(s) are you most excited for?
WHAM BAM ! BOWIE BAND! @ 529 in East Atlanta Village on August 16th!!!!
“Classic Hunky Dory era Bowie…and the Complete ZIGGY STARDUST album, plus a couple surprises…” I mean… enough said. I love Bowie forever and always.

Funniest /oddest thing recently heard in the office?

“I just want to feel what it feels like to rub this lotion on your face” -anonymous coworker to another while staring at him.
We have some unique characters in the office that’s for sure, which is why I fit right in.

What are your favorite TV Shows to unwind to?
-Orange is the New Black
-tons of Documentaries and Reality Shows…

What’s on your current playlist?

I just started an “AUGUST” playlist actually and a few artists on it are:
-Bruce Springsteen
-Mayor Hawthorne
-Camelia Jordana
-Guns N’ Roses
and Grimes

We know you’re into roller derby, what would be your ultimate roller derby name?

Ha! Oh man… recently I thought of Killery Shank. I have no idea if it is taken.

We also know that you love cat Gifs. Can you share your favorite one?
THERE’S SO MANY! Heres a gem

Favorite beverage to drink at Awesome Hour?
Tito’s Vodka with soda and tons of lime…yum!

Follow Angela on Twitter at @ascaroladesign



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