Awesome Hour with Jeremy Frye, Customer Service Manager


It’s hard being a celebrity, and that’s what Jeremy Frye, our Customer Service Manager, is in the TA office.  Jeremy has starred in a multitude of classic films, see for yourself! His face constantly appears on random objects and he’s always designated the office music supervisor.  Throwing a party? Jeremy will put together a proper playlist of 80’s hits, top 40 favorites, and some classic indie tunes for the perfect party compilation.  While the office loves Jeremy for his positive attitude, customers love Jeremy because he is dedicated to making sure that they have a great day and an awesome time at the event they are planning to attend.  Learn a little more about Jeremy in our Awesome Hour interview.  He offers insightful tips on customer service and communicating with customers.

How long have you worked at Ticket Alternative and what has changed the most since then?

I have worked at Ticket Alternative since July 2009. So much has changed since then!  The biggest of which is I started as a Customer Service Representative, and am now the manager of the department. That department has grown considerably since I started. I feel I have been here through Ticket Alternative’s most exciting time period.

What kind of projects do you enjoy working on at Ticket Alternative?

I like fixing issues for customers, making someone’s day by helping them out when they think their problem will likely not get solved. We work with a lot of venues and festivals, sometimes events get canceled due to weather or a band member being sick, sometimes people have family emergencies and we’re here to communicate and talk through all of that. The most fun this job has to offer are the opportunities to work on site at events like Party in the Park or Taste of Atlanta. It’s always exciting to see customers enjoy the tickets we have sold them.

You’re known for leading a team in offering amazing customer service, what tips can you share with other businesses on customer service?

We’re lucky because the majority of the calls we take involve selling a customer tickets to an event they are excited about attending. Giving great customer service is easy when the customer is happy. But the same policies apply even if the customer is unhappy. The key is treating the person on the other end of the phone like a friend. It’s all about listening to what they need, and not just spouting the company line. People hate feeling like they are being brushed off. Even in situations where one of our CSRs can’t make someone happy, I want the customer to get off the call knowing that we care. It sounds trite, but being nice still goes a long way. We never say “I don’t know” without adding, “let me find out for you.”

What blog sites do you nerd out on and read daily?

I mainly just check the Onion A.V. Club to get caught up on pop culture, and I generally check Pitchfork, but that’s only to see what new music is out, and use it as a news source. I tend to not actually read the reviews.

Name one musician or entrepreneur that inspires you?

The person that comes to mind is both an entrepreneur and a musician, but I am far less interested in the musician side of his career. I think what Jack White is doing is interesting, business-wise. It’s inspiring to see a music and vinyl lover with virtually unlimited resources start Third Man, a record label and store that just does things right. He has a strong eye for detail and design, and has cultivated a brand that is uniquely his. He’s helping to keep the concept of record buying and collecting fun.

What upcoming Ticket Alternative event(s) are you most excited for?

1. Grant-Lee Phillips at Eddie’s Attic on Sunday, September 29
I’ve been a fan of his since the early ‘90s, and he rarely makes it to Georgia. He was the frontman for Grant Lee Buffalo, a band that released one of my all-time favorite albums, 1994’s Mighty Joe Moon. He has one of my favorite voices.

2. Mudhoney at The EARL on Wednesday, October 2
I’ve never seen these grunge legends live, and word is it might be their final tour. It will be loud and awesome.  And the fantastic Cheap Time is opening.

3. Cults at The Loft on Friday, November 1
They were great when they played at The EARL in 2012. I really liked their last album (2011’s Cults) .

4. The Book of Mormon at The Fox Theatre from Tuesday, January 28-Sunday, February 9, 2014
Everyone’s looking forward to this one going on sale, and I’m no exception.

Congrats on your recent engagement, how did you and your fiancée meet?

I used to work in a now defunct record store, and she came in as a customer fairly regularly. I thought she was beautiful and intriguingly quiet, always carrying around some excellent LP to purchase. One day, after having used her credit card receipt to stalk her on MySpace (as was the custom of the time), I expressed my opinion that the two of us should go out “sometime.” She kindly agreed, but shortly thereafter, the record store where I was working closed. My life proceeded to get a little hectic and unpleasant, and I never followed through on that date. Nine months later, I saw her at a show at the Drunken Unicorn. She and I were both alone, so I took it as an opportunity to apologize for blowing her off, and really ask her out. Thankfully, she accepted, and five years later, we are getting married!

If you could choose any band to play your wedding, who would it be?

I keep imagining 1984-era Replacements drunkenly mangling “I’ll Be There,” and “Heartbeat (It’s A Lovebeat).” That would be a special fantasy wedding for me, and a terrible wedding for everyone else. If you want a serious answer, I think someone like Neko Case or Kelly Hogan would be amazing, because they can sing anything and still be captivating.

What are your favorite TV Shows to unwind to?

There’s no way to answer this that won’t make me sound incredibly boring, but the truth is, I don’t keep up with much new TV. I love television, but I am lazy when it comes to taking on new shows, and generally busy in life. Aside from Ticket Alternative, I also work a few nights a week at The EARL, and I also really enjoy seeing live music, so I’m not home that much during the quality prime time hours. Chances are, the shows you are obsessed with, I’ve never seen. I end up watching a lot of garbage TV. The Food Network and HGTV are on a lot in my house (I like food and travel). The only new shows I really actively keep up with are New Girl and The Mindy Project.

What’s on your current playlist?

I’m on a mission to control the music played at my wedding. My married friends are all telling me not to go down that road, saying I will be too distracted to really hear any of the music at my wedding, anyway. Even if they are right, it’s just one of those things that matters to me. I have a definite idea of what I want the music at my wedding to be. I’ve been putting together a playlist of songs to play, featuring love songs that are appropriate, but (hopefully) not entirely overdone. I’ve got a lot of older stuff on there now from Big Star, Crowded House, Tom Petty, The Ramones, The Zombies, etc. I’m trying to get some newer things on there, too. The dance portion of the evening is giving me the most trouble. I’m not the guy you go to you when you are looking for quality dance music. But I will figure it out.

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