Client Corner: Promo Codes & Referral Tracking

We understand that every event is different, but there continues to be a variety of options to help promote, market, and track sales for your event. Many event promoters like to build the buzz with promo codes that offer cash discounts or 2 for 1 deals. Other event organizers turn to sub-promoters/co-promoters to help push and drive sales through their own relationships. Here’s a quick break down on standard promo codes, embedded promo codes, unique password-promo codes, and referral tracking!

Promo Code/Promotional Code:

Typically, the customer enters a promo code to get a discount or special offer ON the event page.  Promo codes should be a single, simple word or abbreviation that’s easy to remember. For some event producers, the downfall to promo codes is that they can easily be posted on the internet and shared. (which could either be a good thing or a bad thing!)

Promo Code/Promotional Code ALREADY EMBEDDED:

(it just saves the user a step):
Another way to offer a discount, and eliminate a step for the customer, is through a direct link. Instead of the ticket buyer having to enter a promo code, they’ll just click on your unique link with the promo code/discount already built in. When a customer clicks on the link they’ll automatically receive the built-in discount. The Client Support Team will work with you to create the unique link that you, your promoters or advertising partners will embed on their site(s).

Unique Password/Promo Codes for Fan Clubs, Special Invite-only Events, and Lotteries

It’s standard practice to extend a unique promo code to fan club members. These members typically sign up to join the club or pay a yearly fee to receive exclusive access to early on sales, discounted tickets, and preferential seating. With unique passwords/promo codes, we (or you) would randomly generate the codes for each member of the fan club database and email them their special, one-time-use promo code. They would have X number of days to use the code and it typically limits the number of tickets they can purchase.

We recently set-up a lottery for Hill Farmstead Brewery’s Festival of Ales. This incredibly popular event only had 100 spots available, with a demand that far exceeded the capacity. Interested customers registered for a chance to purchase tickets and then 50 patrons were randomly selected and emailed their unique, individual code to purchase 2 tickets.

Here are a handful of ideas on how to use promo codes:

1. Kick off your event announcement with a promo code that’s good for a few short days. This encourages patrons to hop on and buy tickets right away. You can also limit the promo code to X number of uses. For example, the first 100 ticket buyers get a discount.

2. Create unique promo codes for various advertising materials. This allows you to track the effectiveness of the advertising partner. The promo code should be unique to the medium (and offer a discount). For example, if you’re working with radio station Star 104 then you may want to use promo code Starradio or a DJ’s name. Make sure that the code is specific so that it will be easy for you to understand your reports and where the sales are coming from.

3. Reward loyal followers with a promo code. Post your unique code on social media, send it to partners, or organizations that deserve a great offer.

4. Create promo codes for your various promoters. Do you have an event team, bartenders, or a non-profit that can help you sell more tickets? Give them a promo code that’s as simple as their name or offers them a link with the code already embedded. They can share the discount via their social media pages and place of business.

5. Give fan club members a unique password that allows them to access early-bird ticketing, special pricing, upgraded seating, or even artist meet n’ greets.

Referral Tracking:

Not into to offering discounts, but want to partner with multiple promoters? You can use referral tracking to report sales from your individual promoters or advertising partners. Let’s say you have 5 promoters on commission, selling your tickets, you can create a unique link for each promoter and therefore track their individual sales. You’ll want to note the link with a number or name and assign it to the proper promoter. Then give them the unique link and have them embed it on their site(s) or they can share the link in social media posts. This is a great way to hold your promoters accountable and properly reward them their commission. Creating these links is really easy and all this information is available on our reporting site, and via our automated email reports. Need help? Just ask us today!

In a nutshell, whether you use promo codes for discounts or referral tracking, you’ll always be able to monitor sales through our easy reports. For more information and step-by-step instructions, visit

The Client Support Team can assist with creating the unique promo codes and discounted offers.

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