Awesome Hour With Nick Hardy, Customer Service Representative

NickAwesomeHourInterviewTicket Alternative is all about excellent customer service! We have some great people working in our call center seven days a week solely focusing on the needs of our patrons. Nick Hardy, one of our full-time Customer Service Representatives, is one of those great people. He is extremely patient and considerate with customers. Not only does Nick enjoy helping our patrons, but he is always willing to help out co-workers with anything around the office. Nick exudes professionalism, kindness and incredible work ethic, which is why he’s featured in this week’s “Awesome Hour”!

Get to know Nick better by checking out his interview below!


How long have you worked at Ticket Alternative and what has changed the most since then?

I started working at Ticket Alternative in April of 2012 so I’ve been working here for a year and a half. Not long after I started at Ticket Alternative we started working as the call center for the Fox Theatre. I don’t remember much from before we started with the Fox but I know we’ve kept pretty busy helping Fox patrons since then. There have also been some really cool additions to our web site in the last year or so. I remember when we first got the Pick Your Own Seat capability up and running and I feel like that’s changed a lot with how our call center operates from day to day. For any reserved seating show rather than trying to explain what the inside of the venue looks like to a customer who has never been there I can just point them to the Pick Your Own Seat option and they can see what the layout is and select the exact seat they want to sit in.

What do you enjoy most about your job at Ticket Alternative?

I enjoy the fact that everyday is different and that I get to interact with new customers everyday. I like the fact that our office is open and that I get to work with all of my friends on a daily basis. I think we all work well together already but the fact that we get to interact and joke around throughout the day makes us a better team as a whole.

We know you’re really into supporting the Atlanta Braves, but what other hobbies/activities do you enjoy doing outside the office?

I’ve been in a pop rock band called Highschool Sweetheart for a while now and I’m really into that. I’m also a big fan of movies so any day that I’m free you can probably find me at home watching a movie or at GSU’s Cinefest Film Theater.

What is your all-time favorite food?

Hands down, without a doubt, I love hot wings. There are lots of different ways to sauce up a piece of chicken, and every restaurant thinks they have the best wing, but give me a plate of hot wings from just about any joint in the city and I’ll be happy.

If you had to listen to one song the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

That’s just too difficult of a question for me. I don’t even think I could listen to one album for the rest of my life. I was recently thinking of the albums I would want if I were stranded on a desert island so I started to make a list. Before I knew it there were more than fifty albums where I thought “well I’d have to have that one. And this one’s really good. And of course that one.” If you said “Give me 100 albums you could listen to for the rest of your life” now that’s something I could do!

What’s on your current playlist?

I’ve recently gotten into Being As An Ocean, The Wonder Years and Defeater. I’ve also been listening to This or the Apocalypse, Edison Glass, and The Rocket Summer a good bit lately.

If you were given two weeks off of work, what would you do with your time?

I’d love to visit some new US cities. I’m going to Chicago for the second time later this month and I’m planning to see Madison, WI later in the year but there are so many cities I haven’t seen yet. I still haven’t been to Boston, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, St. Louis or San Francisco. If I had two weeks off work I would start a road trip tomorrow!

What’s the best movie you’ve seen this year?

Of the movies that came out in 2013 so far I’ve enjoyed quite a few but the best movie I’ve seen so far is Star Trek: Into Darkness. I’ve seen it twice and I’m still not totally sure why I like it so much but I really enjoy it every time. It’s just one of those movies that you can easily get engrossed in and although some of the dialogue and plot is distracting at times the film is just so visually stunning and the set and costume design are so good that I get pulled back into the story right away. In the same vein I have to say The Lone Ranger was probably the most disappointing movie I’ve seen this summer. Although that one is also really well done and all of the production parts of the movie are really solid the film is so full of Western movie tropes and the story is just so unbelievable that it’s hard to watch at times. Oh, and also I recently saw Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and it’s amazing!

What Ticket Alternative shows are you most excited about?

1. Ringworm at The Earl on Sunday, October 6th
Ringworm is a hardcore band that has released some great albums over the past few years. I got into them after they released Scars and I haven’t seen them live yet.

2. Zoroaster at The Earl on Wednesday, October 23rd
Zoroaster is a local sludge metal band and their 2010 release Matador is really good from start to finish. I haven’t gotten to see them play “Firewater” live yet so I’ve got my fingers crossed for that.

3. The Dodos at The Drunken Unicorn on Friday, October 4th
Their album No Color from a few years ago was really solid and I’ve heard great things about their live show so I’m interested to see what that’s like.

Favorite beverage to drink at Awesome Hour?

Give me a ginger ale and I’m happy.


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