Awesome Hour with Johanna Isler, Marketing Coordinator Extraordinaire!

johannaFrom creatively blogging about custom tickets and Tyvek wristbands to offering support to clients, Marketing Coordinator Johanna Isler just about does it all. Johanna is an easy-going, free spirit who enjoys listening to different types of music and hanging out in Atlanta’s neighborhood bars with friends. She is one cool cat and one busy bee in the office. She blogs, she handles social media for Ticket Alternative Ticket Printing and EventWristbands and she provides support to customers, amongst other things. Learn more about Johanna’s job at Ticket Alternative, as well as, what she enjoys doing outside of the office!

How long have you worked at Ticket Alternative’s companies TA Ticket Printing and and what has changed the most since then?

I’ve been working at Ticket Alternative for about a year and a half now. A lot has changed, from getting a new website right after I started to our recently added in-house custom wristband printing – there’s definitely never a dull moment. My role has also changed in my time here, as I originally started off as a Client Service Representative and slowly evolved into my Marketing Coordinator role. I still get to do a bit of everything though, as does everyone else in our office – teamwork!

What kind of projects do you enjoy working on at TA Ticket Printing and

Since I kind of wear a few different hats in my job, I get to work on a lot of different things. Working with customers on a daily basis enables me to come up with better content when I work on the marketing side of things. I think my favorite part of my job is when I get to be collaboratively creative with my co-workers. I’m a big fan of big (and small) ideas.

You’re really into music and recently visited Chicago to attend North Coast Festival! What was that like? Who was your favorite act?

Yes! I went to visit a good friend there and got the opportunity to check out North Coast, which was awesome. Chicago is such a cool city with a really great music scene, so it was nice to be able to see so much live music in one weekend. North Coast was pretty much your standard outdoor festival: five stages, live music, interesting outfits, and inclement weather. I loved being able to see Capital Cities for the first time, who opened up with a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Breathe.” Purity Ring and Gary Clarke were really amazing live as well, and I got to see Wu-Tang at the end of it all, which was just legendary in its own right.

What are your 3 all-time favorite bands?

This is one of those questions that I have an extremely difficult time answering, because I love so much different music. I don’t have kids, so I don’t know about the favorite kid comparison, but to me it’s kind of like asking which of the five senses is my favorite; I just can’t choose. If I had to choose (which I suppose I do right now), I guess I would say:

• The Beatles – for being classic, innovative, and ahead of their time. I once dated a guy who told me he hated The Beatles. It didn’t work out.
• Talking Heads – David Byrne is so nuts and amazing. I love crazy people. I love their music. “This Must Be The Place” is probably my favorite song of all time.
• Outkast – What can I say? I’m an ATLien at heart. These guys blow my mind all the time, no matter how many times I’ve listened to a song. Just get back together already. Seriously.

What are some of your favorite local places to unwind after work and on the weekends?

I love exploring Atlanta, but I definitely have a few favorite spots. If I’m going for good beer and good food, I love the Porter Beer Bar for its extensive selection of brews and interesting menu items. For live music, I enjoy Terminal West, Smith’s Olde Bar, Variety Playhouse and of course, The Fox. If I’m looking to bar hop, I typically go to Edgewood. I’m not sure if this would count as “unwinding” but I also really enjoy running on the beltline whenever I get the chance; it’s like Atlanta’s little hidden highway!

What upcoming Ticket Alternative event(s) are you most excited for?

I’m really looking forward to seeing Shuggie Otis at Terminal West on Oct. 11 as well as Wild Belle at The Earl on Oct. 17. So much good music coming through soon!

What is the strangest thing that’s happened around the office?

This might be harder than the favorite bands question. It gets pretty weird in here. Not that I ever contribute to that weirdness….

There is this creepy clown figurine that one our co-workers received as a gift, and it’s become this game where one of us will hide the clown in random places in an attempt to scare a fellow co-worker or just generally creep them out. I found him in the girls’ bathroom once. Lately he hasn’t moved though because the main culprit behind this “game” placed him on a very high partition in the office. So now he just…watches us as we work. He goes by a few names but the fondest are “Clowny” and “John Jacob.” I think there might even be a Tumblr.

If you could be anyone else for a day, who would you be and why?

I honestly just find everyone to be so interesting, and there are so many people in the world and everyone’s life is so different than the person next to them. This might be a lame answer, but I think I would really enjoy being anyone else for a day, even if their life was truly miserable, just to gain a new experience and perspective.

What are your favorite TV shows to watch?

I go through phases of TV. Currently it’s Breaking Bad, which obviously just ended (it was perfection), Game of Thrones, Parks and Recreation, New Girl, and the British version of Skins.

If you found $100 on the ground, what would you do with it?

The other day, I actually found a wallet on the ground, which I was able to return back to the owner, and I got a 12 pack of Sweetwater LowRyeder and a thank you card out of it (seriously, how nice is that?). But assuming that I’m unable to find the source, I would probably just take some friends out for dinner and drinks. I’m a pretty strong believer in karma, so when good things come my way, I try to share the wealth.

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