TA Event Services: Getting Patrons in the Door

onsite_scannerOnce the tickets are in the hands of patrons, it’s important to get those patrons into the festival to have a great time! Ticket Alternative provides trained and courteous staff at the entry gates, inside the event and at our in-house call center to ensure the event runs smoothly.

For an event as large as Taste of Atlanta, we send staff to the site before the event takes place. It’s important for us to prepare the event site so that everything runs smoothing the day(s) of the event. Whether it’s running cables, loading in equipment for scanning and selling tickets or it’s familiarizing ourselves with the different stations and gates, we make sure all corners are covered! With over 20 staff members on site each day and more than 20 volunteers assisting at the event entry points, we are able to take on the event with ease.

For Taste of Atlanta in particular, we have separated our on site services into three categories. Check it out:

Event Entry Planning & Settlement
Between organizing, gathering and testing equipment needed for the event, hiring and training staff and handling financial aspects (wristbands inventory, redemption tickets & money) of the festival, we cover a pretty big surface. We can even run real-time reports throughout the event to keep event promoters and organizers up-to-date.

Our staff, combined with Taste of Atlanta volunteers, ensure patrons spend as little time as possible getting a wristband on and entering the festival. We take care of everything so that festival staff, sponsors and patrons can enjoy the event!

Ticket Sales & Redemption
We supply a friendly staff to handle ticket sales and scanning. We treat inventory like cash, so it’s vital for us to have trustworthy staff members working at ticket redemption stations, issuing wristbands and handling Taste coupons.

In-House Staff:
While the event is taking place, our awesome call center team is still in-house answering event questions and helping patrons who may have misplaced their tickets so that when they arrive at the gate, they have everything they need. The great part about our system is that if a customer arrives on site and realizes they forgot their ticket, our knowledgeable staff is able to research the ticket purchase on site, reissue their ticket and get them in quickly- and let’s be real- we all know a quick and easy resolution can save a relationship!

Looking to staff your event with a good-looking group of people? Look no further! Contact us a client-support@ticketalternative.com. We’ll even send you our headshots upon request.

Not only do we enjoy being a part of the process that involves planning and organizing a large event, but one of our favorite things is being on site and experiencing the event! From entry gates to ticket sellers, and running cable, Ticket Alternative maps out an event to ensure a seamless run. Now that you know the details of planning an event and the services that we provide on site, stay tuned for our third segment… It’s all about the after party!


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