We Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost Tour!


By: Molly Segers

Sometimes half the fun of our job is figuring out how to do something new in the system. Oakland Cemetery’s Capturing the Spirit of Oakland Halloween Tour and its multiple time slots per day gave us a great opportunity to flex our muscles and get creative to find the best way to present the times and ticket options to customers so that their buying experience is the easiest possible.

Here’s a sampling of the customizations that we set up for these unique listings.

•Event time
Typically an event only has one time that gets listed in the left column with all of the other vitals such as date, venue, etc. This time around we removed the event time and instructed customers to select their desired time slot from the drop down menu.

•Time slots/price levels
We repurposed the tool that we usually use to split up a reserved seat venue into various price levels to split the event into time slots. This allowed us to offer a set number of tickets to each time slot. We created a custom ticket layout for the series, too, so that each time slot/price level prints on the ticket face.

•Sold Out Tags
As each time slot sells out we add special tagging so that it will appear as sold out. This streamlines the process for customers so that they can easily see what times are still available and serves as a great reminder of the high demand for these tickets.

Best of all, customers loved it! All 6 nights sold out before the first event ever started.

oakland (2)

Does your event have unique ticketing needs that you’re just not sure how to handle? We love a challenge! Reach out via client-support@ticketalternative.com or give us a call at 877-725-4055. We’d love to help you brainstorm.


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