My Internship Experience

2acbadeee707c72bc61fecb735ac2507_19953165When I applied to Ticket Alternative’s fall internship program, I knew the company looked cool. I’d seen their employees at concerts and festivals over the summer. I even had a free TA koozie rolling around my car somewhere from one of those events. But I did not know how sweet this gig would actually be.

I did not know that interns were treated like actual employees. I did not know I’d get to write concert reviews or get to interview funky bands and freakishly talented solo artists.

I’d completed three internships for two companies already (excessive?) but they definitely didn’t include such awesomeness. Now, I’m not saying I was ever a glorified coffee mule… I’ve benefited from all of my internship experiences. But this one was different. It combined so many things I’m passionate about from social media and arts criticism to supporting local music and small local businesses. Plus, I actually got paid which was a first!

Writing for the Atlanta Music Guide and TA Live, I learned a lot about all of those things. I got to chat on the phone with artists I already loved like Grouplove and Shawn Mullins and discover new artists like a band of British Floridians called The Cold Start and Decatur’s own teenage sass master Sydney Rhame.

I mastered navigating the back end of a WordPress and scheduling tweets on HootSuite. I’ve perfected the art of tracking down a PR rep. I’ve gained both blogging and marketing skills but, better than that, I’ve gained some great memories…. like seeing my first Eddie’s Attic show or listening intently to local artists attempting to describe the curious ebb and flow of Atlanta’s unique music scene. Along with the practical stuff, those are the things that Ticket Alternative has given me that I’ll treasure for years to come.

Not all internships can do that.

– Emily Jackson

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