TA Behind the Scenes: Meet Russell

Russell Brooks

Russell Brooks is the guy who keeps the ball rolling at the Ticket Alternative Office. As the Director of Technology and Marketing, his work combines the two sides of the ticketing business by using quantitative data to create qualitative strategies. He supervises the development team and manages their tasks, assists with the business of ticket printing, and troubleshoots any problems that may occur with a swiftness. He also recently bought a red Nissan LEAF, so he’s not only the most tech-savvy guy on staff, he’s also environmentally conscious (and lookin’ super fly in that little red spaceship). This week, TALive got to chat with Russell about his job, his hobbies, and what’s on his playlist.

TA Live: First off, tell us a little about what you do. What’s a typical day like for you?

Russell: A typical day for me is usually working on development and testing of FreshTix, reporting on data and analytics, and working to build strategies based on that data. Most of my day is dedicated to FreshTix since it’s new and we’re trying to help it get it’s feet, but I work on just about everything.

TA Live: What do you enjoy most about your job?

Russell: I really enjoy building something from scratch, you know, seeing FreshTix come into being and seeing the events grow and creating a roadmap for that. I also like numbers and data and figuring out how to improve things. And, you know, this is a fun place to work. You can’t get that everywhere.

TA Live: How long have you been at Ticket Alternative? What brought you to TA? What did you do before?

Russell: I’ll have been here a year next month. I used to work at my own startup and before that I worked for a company called Renter Magnet, most people know it as Promove, for about 9 years. I was introduced to Iain and Jamie (the CEOs) in the summer of last year and things just kind of went from there.

TA Live: What has changed most since you started?

Russell: We contract out most of our development team now, which really changes my job. We used to have an in-house dev team so things were very efficient. Things are still efficient now, but it requires more planning and shipping off requests

TA Live: What was the coolest/strangest thing that has happened in the office last week?

Russell: I think seeing people getting so excited for the Target prizes for the Kin bio quiz we did. That was pretty funny. (The TA office manager, Kerry, recently devised a quiz for employees to scour our peers’ biographies and answer questions about them. We won prizes for getting correct answers.)

TA Live: What’s currently on your playlist?

Russell: Uh, I’ve got this They Might Be Giant’s album called Here Comes Science. They sing songs about science which is great for my kids. They have one about electric vehicles so I like that. I’ve also been listening to the Rocky Soundtrack, which is a collection of the best songs from all the Rocky movies. Some Fishbone. The Who – Who’s Next.

TA Live: Outside of work, what are you passionate about?

Russell: I really enjoy exploring with my kids (Russel has a son who is 9 and a daughter who is 2). We play Legos and go geocaching. I got my daughter this programmable robot and she really likes making it do things. She just learned how to make it go backward and she’s very excited. Outside of them, I enjoy reading. I also just bought a house and the previous owner has all these plants, like Venus Fly Traps and so I’m trying to figure out how to keep those around. I don’t want to be gardening my whole life, but I feel bad because she’s got all these great plants and I just want to keep those alive.

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