TA Behind the Scenes: Meet Molly


Not only is Molly Segers the Support Supervisor and Client Account Manager at Ticket Alternative, but she is also our resident (self-proclaimed) music nerd and poptimist. Molly’s warm, welcoming energy makes her a friend to all in the office. Oh, and did we mention she has great style? You should see this gal’s dresses. All around, Molly is super rad and a crucial member of the Ticket Alternative team. Recently, TALive sat down with Molly to talk shop about her time here at TA and her interests outside of work. Read on to find out more about this awesome lady. 

TA Live: First off, tell us a little about what you do as a Support Supervisor and Client Account Manager.

Molly Segers: As Support Supervisor, I keep an eye on all the messages that come into support from clients of anything they need or any questions they have and delegate and make sure that everyone is covering everything in a timely manner. And I help other people on the team talk through stuff if they don’t know how to handle it. And as Client Account Manager, I have a handful of clients that I work most closely with that I specifically work with them on figuring out  “Is the best way to do this”, “Can we accomplish this”, “Do you need people on site”- Basically any questions they have or “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to… fill in the blank”- I figure out how to take care of it. 


TA Live: What do you enjoy most about your job?

MS: I like the problem solving. I like it when somebody comes up with something that maybe the system wasn’t intended to do and I can come up with a fun way to do it. And I like the wacky atmosphere on my team because there’s always something going on. 


TA Live: How long have you been at Ticket Alternative?

MS: Three years. 


TA Live: What has changed most since you started 3 years ago?

MS: A lot’s changed. Since I’ve started our support team has doubled in size. We’ve greatly expanded out client roster and the call center had three people when I started and now I’ve lost count of how many people we have so we’ve gotten way bigger. 


TA Live: What’s something strange that happens in the Ticket Alternative office that you think people would like to know about?

MS: Frye Face or Clowney. Clowney because he’s creepy and Frye Face because it’s actually fun. Frye Face is where we integrate Jeremy Frye into pieces of pop culture, mostly movie posters- like, Mrs. Doubt-Frye and Life of Frye;and sometimes other people get in them but it’s always Jeremy. Clowney is this incredibly disturbing glass clown that my uncle gave me for Christmas 2 years ago that got adopted around the office and he hides and stalks people. Oh, and there’s a tumblr of the best Frye Face creations. 

TA Live: What’s currently on your playlist?

MS: The new Sia record, the Hedwig and The Angry Inch Cast Recording- the new Broadway production, and a lot of classic Mo-Town stuff that I rotate through. 


TA Live: Outside of work, what are you passionate about? 

MS: I cook a lot. And I write. I have a blog that need some attention- it’s all fan culture and interaction with music and stuff- it’s called fangirlchic.com. And I have really spoiled cat so there’s lots of Instagrams of my cat. 


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