6 Tips For Scoring The Best Tickets

Your absolute favorite artist is going on tour and they’re coming to your city! Take a breath and collected yourself, it’s time to get down to business. You. Must. Get. Those. Tickets. But everyone and their mother wants to go, it’s going to be tricky getting your hands on some tickets. Below are some tips and tricks from industry insiders about how to get those much desired concert tickets.


1. Presale. Presale. Presale. 

There’s no doubt about it, presale tickets are the best way to make sure you get tickets to your favorite shows and concerts.  So how exactly do you earn your way onto the coveted presale list? It’s easy! Join the fan clubs and mailing lists of your favorite musicians. Artists love to repay their most loyal fans with presale ticket codes and they often identify those people as those who are on their mailing list and in their fan clubs. While you’re at it, join the mailing list of your favorite local venues as well, they offer presale options to some of their bigger shows. Keep an eye out for upcoming albums from your favorite artists. Artists will often announce tours in conjunction with a new album release and sometimes you can receive presale ticket code incentives when you pre-order the album. So get your fangirl on and join up those fan clubs!

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2. Join A Street Team or Volunteer

Street Teams are one of the best kept secrets of the ticketing world. Here’s how it works- you sign up online to be part of the street team. Generally the band will send you some swag like posters or handbills to distribute prior to the show. Then, BOOM, free tickets to the show. You help promote, the band helps you out with a ticket, it’s a win-win. Another option is to volunteer. Music festivals in particular are a great place to volunteer. Hey, you might be picking up trash or selling t-shirts for a couple hours, but after that you’re free to enjoy the show. It’s a pretty sweet deal!

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3. Utilize All of  Your Avenues

Many companies offer several different options when it comes to how you purchase your tickets. You can purchase at a physical location, like an outlet or a box office. You can buy online. Or you can call the ticketing companies call center and do it over the phone. If you’re really concerned about getting tickets to one particular show, I recommend doing all three. Find out ahead of time where you can purchase tickets and get there early prior to the specified on sale time. Once tickets go on sale, give the call center a call while you wait in line. If you’re really worried about tickets selling out, then have a friend manning the website from a computer.

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4. Do Your Research

Which ticketing company is selling tickets? What’s the company’s phone number? Are there physical locations you can buy tickets? This is all valuable information to know ahead of the on-sale time. If you’re trying to get  tickets to a show or concert that’s in high demand, then you’ll benefit from doing a little research. Waste time going to the wrong website or not having the box office’s phone number and you might find yourself out of luck when it comes to get those tickets you’ve been dying for all year.

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5. Be Flexible

So you wanted a cheap seat in the nosebleeds but all that’s available is VIP. Or you wanted to get a row of seats for 10 of  your closest friends, but there aren’t 10 seats available next to each other. Don’t sweat it! Sure it’s not ideal, but there’s no use going all hulk over it. The key to happy concerting is just going and appreciating the music. After all, this is the show of the decade that you’ve been waiting for! So what if you don’t have the best seats in the house? Don’t get it in your head that you have to sit a certain place because if you’re trying to get tickets to a high demand show,  chances are you’re going to be disappointed. So take a chill pill and be excited  you’re going to the show of your dreams.

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6. Wait Until The Very Last Minute

If absolutely all else fails, then there is one final possibility. Hit up the box office the day of the show and see if they’ve released any additional tickets. Here’s an insider tip: while most venues state they don’t allow refunds, sometimes in the event of an emergency, they’ll allow patrons to return tickets. This handful of tickets may be available the day of the show. Call the box office a couple days prior to the show and the day of the show, talk real sweet and, maybe, just maybe, you’ll score some of these tickets you’ve been dying to get your hands on.

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Lastly it’s time to celebrate your sweet, sweet concert ticket victory.  


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  1. Everyone loves to see live performance of their favorite artists. These all things can be a good to consider for scoring or getting the best tickets of your favorite artist. Thanks for this valuable tips.

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