Why Our Call Center Reps Are Better Than Yours


Good customer service can be hard to find sometimes, especially when it comes to call centers. To deliver solid customer service, representatives must be educated, well trained, patient and eager to help customers with whatever issues they might present. At Ticket Alternative, we pride ourselves on the high level of excellence our Customer Service Representatives are able to give to our customers. So what is the secret formula to delivering great customer service? Well it’s a variety of things, but in the post we’ll dive a little deeper into just what it is about our representatives that make them the best in the business.


Our call center is located in-house. No outsourcing here. You’ll literally talk to someone at our office. Ticket Alternative’s Call Center Representatives are located in the same building you pick your tickets and wristbands up from. So fear not, no long distance calling halfway across the world or robots that lead you in a circle back to the main menu. All calls are handled in-house at our office in Atlanta, Georgia by intelligent, capable representatives.


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Smarty Pants (But Not in an Annoying Way).

Fast of a computer? Check. Knowledgeable? Check. Easy to talk to? Check. Our Call Center Reps are no one-trick ponies, they are the whole package. Ticket Alternative Call Center Reps are all super smart and on top of their game. They work hard to satisfy your ticketing needs, whether you have questions about a show or just want to purchase tickets.

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They’ll Leave You With A Smile On Your Face.

Ticket Alternative’s Call Center Representatives are friendly, fun and genuinely witty. They’re easy to talk to and they know their stuff. Our Call Center Reps were specifically chosen because of their awesome personalities and that really shines through when you speak with them. Just give ’em a call and see for yourself.

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They Genuinely Want to Help You.

We’ve all had an experience with THAT call center. You know the one, with rude representatives who seem like they’ve either been on the job 1000 years or just started an hour ago. Well our Call Center Representatives are NOTHING like THAT call center. They are passionate about Ticket Alternative and know how important their role is to the growth of the company. They want to be part of an awesome company, take pride in doing a good job and love helping people.



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