5 Things You Didn’t Know About Moonshine



In Honor of Buckhead’s Inaugural Moonshine Festival hosted by Andrews Entertainment District we thought we’d share five things you might not know about Moonshine.

  1. The Meaning of Moonshine

While Moonshine might be an American Tradition, the name originated with the early British Settlers. They used the term moonshine to describe illegal activities that could only be done by the light of the moon.

  1. The Whiskey Rebellion  

After the Revolutionary War, the newly formed nation had a ton of debt. To cover it, the government taxed liquor, but angry Americans, who had just fought against taxation, decided to continue to distill without paying the taxes. Riots between distillers and tax collectors grew so intense that a militia was sent to end the fighting. Thus was the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794. Distillers continued to make moonshine, but even more on the down low than before.

  1. Bootleggers and NASCAR

During the time of the rebellions, those brave enough to transport  moonshine in the side of their riding boots were known as bootleggers. Fast forward about 130 years to the Prohibition Era, and bootleggers moved from horseback to souped-up cars, driving as fast as possible to avoid the authorities. Someone had the idea to race these cars on a track, and NASCAR was born!

  1. The Meaning of XXX

Everyone has seen the iconic “XXX” on a bottle of moonshine, but do you know what it stands for? XXX on a bottle means that the moonshine has been distilled three times, creating the highest possible proof liquor about 120%.

  1. Mountain Dew and White Lightning

During Prohibition, Moonshine was often called Mountain Dew because it became common practice for Moonshiners to leave their product by the stump of trees, hidden in the greenery of mountain roads. White Lightning is a nickname that developed because real moonshine is colorless.

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