Interview: Java Mummy of Here Come The Mummies @ State Theatre 10/16

Here Come The Mummies

Here Come The Mummies! Yes, that’s the name of the 10-piece funk band that will be playing at Ticket Alternative client The State Theatre next week in Falls Church, VA.

There’s no way 5 stars can possibly cover how unbelievably amazing it is to spend an evening with the hilarious and ridiculously talented boys in bandages. It’s Funk, Rock, Jazz, R&B and Soul all wrapped up in infectious humor and backed by the biggest, baddest horn section in the business. If you haven’t seen Here Come The Mummies live, you need to add them to your bucket list right now. With their true identities kept “under wraps,” these mysterious musicians certainly deliver a funky good time.

We had the pleasure of asking Java Mummy some questions which garnered some interesting responses below. Enjoy!

There’s something about being dressed as mummies that makes funk music even funkier. What do you think that something is?

Well, we are mummies, so even if we dressed as cheerleaders (which we do on alternating Tuesdays), it would be full of undead funkiness.

If you could play any other type of music, what would it be and why?

Behind closed doors, we play every style imaginable, for we love great music in any genre. On stage, we play various styles known to make the rump shake: funk, rock, latin, ska, etc.

What kind of music do you think Zombies would play? Vampires?

Zombies do play music! I love their album “Odessey and Oracle.”  It is a little known fact that Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone both ate brains. Vampires, sadly, tend to play more self-indulgent, femme rock. We think this is due to the tendency for their fangs to get stuck when they get too aggressive with the mic.

What musicians are you influenced by when creating your music?

Again, so many. Everything from Billy Preston to Slayer; from Dave Brubeck  to Daft Punk.

What current musicians do you admire/listen to?

That depends on which mummy you ask, of course. My current favorites are Allen Stone and Ghost B.C.

How long have Here Come The Mummies been performing together?

Since the 17th Egyptian Dynasty. FYI, that is 3500 years prior to that of the Duck.

You guys are playing at The State Theatre in DC next week. Have you ever played there before? If so, what’s your favorite thing about the venue? 

Yeah baby! This will be our fourth or fifth date at the State Theatre, and we love it. The energy in the room is always palpable.

What do you love the most about performing live in front of an audience?

Two words: dancing ladies.

There are rumors that a few of you are Grammy winning musicians. Care to elaborate on that?

People say the damnedest things. We try not to take it personally.

Since you are a mummy, what are you going to be for Halloween?

Busy and sweaty, like every year.

Here Come The Mummies will be at State Theatre on Thursday, Oct. 16th. Tickets are $21. Doors are at 7pm.


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