Play Preview: My Children! My Africa! @The Balzer Theater at Herren’s 10/9-10/26

Set in a classroom in a small Eastern Cape Karoo town in South Africa in 1984, this three-character thriller it is about Mr. M, an idealistic teacher who seeks to convince a favorite student that education, not violence, is the answer to the nation’s problems. Mr. M forms a debate team between this gifted student, Thami, and Isabel, a spirited student from the local white school. The play wrestles with the nature of moral and social authority, and with the difficulty of right action within a fundamentally unjust system.

Written by Athol Fugard in 1989 shortly before the end of apartheid (a system of racial segregation in South Africa) My Children! My Africa! presents an honest and unflinching portrait of a country on the brink of revolution. It is a testament to the power and potential of youth, hope, and ideas.

My Children! My Africa! premieres this Thursday, Oct. 9 at The Balzer Theater in Atlanta, GA and will have recurring shows through Sunday, Oct. 26. Don’t miss your chance to catch this incredibly moving show. To learn more, visit the Theatrical Outfit’s website.



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