TA Playlist: Staff “Theme” Songs

Here at Ticket Alternative, we love music. One of the best parts about working here is our awesome staff – we’re a mixed bag of unique individuals, which means you will often hear all kinds of music playing throughout the office. To showcase what we believe is our awesomeness, we’ve put together a super sweet playlist compiling every TA staff member’s “theme” song. Give it a listen and check out the stories behind our song picks below!

TA Staff Theme SongsPatrick: “It doesn’t matter what’s going on, this song always makes me happy. It sounds like heaven.”

Jeremy: “This was the processional song at my wedding.”

Liz: “After all the stress and day-to-day wear and tear, this song sorta reminds you to let that go.”

Michael: “The best song from my favorite musician, it’s been my favorite song for years.”


TA Staff Theme Songs



Taylor: “This is my ‘everything’s alright’ song. Makes for good walking to/from work music.”

Nick: “I fell in love with their album The Greatest Generation this past September and I’ve been listening to this song almost constantly ever since.”

Johanna: “No matter how bad things are, this song always makes it better. Home. Never for money, always for love. So good.”

OG: “If the King of the South taught me anything, it’s that I know all about that. ”



TA Staff Theme Songs

Nathan: “Aside from having been apart of much of my life, this song always makes me think of the beach, which is my favorite place to be.”

Kelsey: “I like to think Kelis & I are kindred spirits. I’d consider us both a…’Jane of All Trades.’ An entrepreneur. A teacher. A chef. A friend.”

Ashley H.: “This is the song I sing in my head when I’m walking around campus; it’s such a confidence boost if I’m not feeling my best. I recommend it to all the ladies.”

Jen: “Because, the party don’t start ‘til I walk in.”


TA Staff Theme Songs


Sarah: “Because it’s Prince, and he is awesome.”

Amber: “#FILA”

Ashley L.: “Because Freddie Mercury has the voice of an angel and it’s my favorite body positive song ever.”

Kiara: “I love how this song tells a love story without using words. ”

TA Staff Theme Songs






Iain: “I grew up in a small town in England believing I could be anything I wanted be, do anything I wanted to do and live anywhere I wanted live. This song says it all.”

Ashley S.: “This song came out when I graduated from college and I used it as my pump up song when I was driving to interviews. I still do. Played it on the way to my first meeting with Ticket Alternative.”

Chip: “No matter what is going on, this jam always puts me in a good mood.”

Angela: “Because it’s amazing.”


TA Staff Theme Songs

Molly: “Because I AM awesome.”

Max S.: “Chris Cornell is quite possibly the greatest voice of our generation. This song will pump you up for just about anything!”

Jamie: “There’s no school like the old school and Thurston Moore is the headmaster.”

Kerry: “The first time I heard this song in 2002 & everything about Wilco clicked. They quickly became my most favorite band of all time. It also reminds me of being a kid and my love of heavy metal drummers.”


Robbie: “It’s of the oldest songs I remember hearing growing up. I love this song so much; there are so many great things happening.”

Michelle: “Dancing is my form of artistic expression and this song best captures how I feel when I’m going at it.”

Aria: “It’s one of those songs that reminds me that even though I’m made up of all of these crazy characteristics, what is all comes down to is that everything is gonna be fine fine fine!”

Micah: “Because I’m toxic, obviously.”


TA Staff Theme SongsShawn: “It features a mash up of my favorite genres of the moment… soul, jazz, r&b, electronic music & a little hip hop influence.”

Brian: “I love it because it is by this funky cool band from Venezuela and I love the way that this band blends sounds across different genres and they are muy bueno.​”

Tensay: “Who doesn’t LOVE Beyonce? All her songs are my theme song!”

Aisha: “There are plenty of songs from plenty of genres that I love but this one has the right level of energy for maximum chair dancing. I chair dance a lot.”


TA Staff Theme Songs

Russell: “The song evokes fun times debating in high school and despite the subject matter, it seemed more upbeat and anthem like than many of my favorite songs.”

Makia: “I chose this song because I imagine if I were a song i’d sound like this.”

Hillery: “It’s a song that sticks in your head (in a good way) all day. It’s good a drum beat that you can’t help but tap along to.”

Leah: “Because Alison Mosshart is the coolest chick ever and I like to sing along and pretend I am a rockstar.”

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