Looking Back: Fall Interns Laura and Amanda Reflect on their Experience


Since August, Amanda and I have been interning at Ticket Alternative with the marketing team. It has been an internship unlike any other! It’s fast-paced, it’s fun and it’s one of the best learning experiences you could ever have! From the very first day we started here, we were accepted as part of the TA family and treated like everyone else, not just interns.

One of our favorite parts of working at Ticket Alternative has been the sense of community created within this company. It always feels like people genuinely want to be at work because it is where their friends are. We look forward to Free Lunch Fridays and half the office watching Gossip Girls together in the break room every Wednesday. We have also really enjoyed the opportunities to work at events like Taste of Atlanta, where I got to try food from the different vendors and get to know co-workers in a different setting. And you can’t really beat the perks of working at a place like Ticket Alternative – like getting to see Cirque du Soleil and Garden Lights Holiday Nights before it opened to the public!

Being a part of the marketing team means so much more than we could have ever possibly imagined. We aren’t saddled with mundane “intern” tasks like stuffing envelopes or making coffee–even though every now and then there’s an errand to run! But we are always doing real work that gets seen by the public and has tangible results. There are numerous social media accounts to maintain, several blog posts to create as well as the chance to present your own creative ideas that are featured on major website like Atlanta Music Guide.

During our first week Ashley, the Marketing Manager, asked each of us to consider a project we’d like to work on over the course of the internship. The project is some area of digital marketing we want to learn more about or focus on. I worked with Google Analytics to look at how we analyze social media engagement over time, and how it affects revenue. This was really interesting to see because it was tangible proof when the posts or blogs I wrote work engaging, or when I needed to change my methods. It also showed me the trends of improvement over the course of the internship.

Amanda worked on beta testing to build social media engagement. She looked at what different users were interacting with online and how to better meet those needs. She was able to find the bands, genres or venues that had a lot of traction so we could focus on those. She also tested different types of posts by testing them on one platform to see if the response would be higher depending on the the content.

We have both agreed that Ticket Alternative has been our most hands on internship experience. We’ve been trusted to manage so many different platforms, and been given the freedom to do. Ashley and Johanna are great about providing us feedback on our ideas or articles. We always know when we’re doing well, and have been provided the support and direction to learn from any mistakes. Overall, working at Ticket Alternative is one of the best learning experiences in digital marketing we could have asked for. We have really enjoyed our time working as a marketing intern at Ticket Alternative and want to say thank you for such an amazing experience! We can’t wait to see what the next set of interns accomplish during their time at this growing company!


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