TA Behind The Scenes: Meet Angela Scarola, Graphics Wizard

Angela Scarola

As our resident Graphic Designer, Angela Scarola plays an integral role in the company’s overall image. She is one of the Ticket Alternative’s most veteran employees and thus has seen many of the changes the company has undergone in the past decade. An avid lover of music, her dog, and spending (a lot of) time at the beach, Angela is just another part of what makes our Ticket Alternative team so awesome.

What exactly does being Ticket Alternative’s graphic designer consist of?

Besides making us visually awesome, it consists of a lot of branding for Ticket Alternative and all of our sister companies. I am the go-to for anyone that needs something to (as they often say) “look pretty.” Promo designs, web banners, stickers, buttons and shirts are also part of what I do.

How long have you worked for Ticket Alternative? What did you do when you first started here?

I have worked here for almost 7 years and I started as a customer service representative when I was still in school for design.

What’s changed the most since you started working here?

The amount of people. Our staff has nearly tripled since I started working here.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love my Ticket Alternative team/family the most. Everyone here is crazy and makes me laugh.

What’s the strangest thing that’s happened around the office recently?

Probably making a scarecrow for the Botanical Gardens contest that had our Customer Service Manager’s face. We ironed his face onto a pillow case and used that. Wicked creepy.

When you’re not at Ticket Alternative, what do you like to do?

Usually I am cooking or hanging with my dogs and girlfriend. I love going to shows but only if they start early. Traveling to new cities is my ultimate favorite thing to do. I love the beach…a lot.

What are 5 things you can’t live without?

-good food
-my family
-burts bees chapstick

What sort of things do you like to read, watch or do that inspire creativity?

James Victore inspires me a lot. Reading tarot cards, going outside and on adventures, watching and being aware of lunar cycles. These all help me tap into my creative side.

How does not owning a car you influence your experience of living in Atlanta?

Sometimes it makes things a little tricky in the rain- but way worth it. Driving is stressful! I think it keeps me active also.

What’s your favorite Ticket Alternative event to work/attend?

Taste of Atlanta

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