Ticket Alternative Partnered with Google to Enhance Event Discovery

One of the major challenges facing venues and promoters is getting the word out about their events. Despite their best efforts, often up to 40% of tickets go unsold due to lack of awareness. That’s why Google partnered with Ticket Alternative to advance their search functionality to help fans discover awesome events and help our clients sell more tickets.

This is one of the many ways Ticket Alternative works with the best in the industry to continue bringing our clients the best solutions for ticketing and event management. If you’re a Ticket Alternative client your venue and events are already a part of this change.

Google explained the changes on their Webmaster Blog on Thursday Jan. 15th.

This means a couple of things for artists and venues depending on how the user is searching.

For artists: when a fan types in the name of an artist an upcoming events list will populate in the “expanded answer card” which the fan can then click through to find ticket information.



For venues, when a fan types in the venue name their screen will populate with upcoming events at the arena.


The markup language developed by our partnership with Google is something that can be implemented by artists and venues as well. Learn more about event markup here.

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