TA Behind The Scenes: Meet Leah Faircloth, Freshtix Funds Fairy


Leah Faircloth is our spunky red-headed Staff Accountant for Freshtix who is as entertaining as she is hard-working. Originally from Dublin, GA, she has a great taste in music and some odd family traditions that she shares with us below. Read on to learn more about Leah and all the great things she brings to the TA family!

What exactly do you do for Ticket Alternative?

I am the accountant for Freshtix so I pay the organizers after an event, pay the Freshtix bills, and pay the wonderful staff that works the gates at Freshtix events. So I pay people for doing things. That’s all you really want to hear from the accountant. You don’t really care about how I rock some journal entries, right?

What has been your favorite TA outing so far?

All of them have been fun! I like going to the Braves games with people that really follow the team and are so enthusiastic about the sport. I loved Pallookaville because I love eating ridiculous greasy food, and going to concerts and shows with coworkers. I have never enjoyed being with my coworkers as much as I do here!

When you’re not at work, how do you like to spend your free time?

Working with the Secret League of Redheads on our world domination plan. I also watch a lot of TV.

If you could go to a show with any person, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

This is a tough question. It depends on what kind of show! I would love to hang out with Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope if it was a pop show and I wanted to dance around and be silly, or maybe Snoop Dog if it were a hip hop or reggae show. Janis Joplin maybe if it were a rock show? Or Chris Hemsworth, just because I want to meet Chris Hemsworth? So many choices!!

What’s on your current music playlist?

Right now my car cd player (yes I still use CDs) the rotation is Run The Jewels 1 & 2, Panda Bear, St. Paul and The Broken Bones, the Hedwig soundtrack (JCM not NPH, although they are both delightful), Juice Newton (best sung alone in the car). I wear headphones at work almost all day and right now it’s Kendrick Lamar & D’Angelo’s new album, and I have probably listened to Shovels and Rope’s Swimming Time and Paul Simon’s Graceland every day for the last two months.

Your family likes to play a game called “Fireball.” Tell us a little more about that.

It’s a tradition we take part in every Christmas Eve, and have done so my entire life. We start by taking a baseball, stripping off the leather and soaking it in Kerosene for about a month (the longer the better). Then after a Southern pot-luck dinner with a large extended family, we start a bonfire, shoot off some fireworks, and then light the baseball on fire and toss it around, similar to [the game] hot potato. Then when we gather around the kitchen sink and slather our hands in aloe bragging about who might have the biggest blister the next morning. It’s a tradition my grandmother’s family has participated in as long as she can remember. Like most odd traditions, there are few stories of how it originated. Supposedly it comes from a Native American tradition where the fireball represents the light of the New Year penetrating the darkness of the past. We have also been told it was the way the farmers would entertain themselves and celebrate a good harvest. However it originated it is my favorite night of every year and a fun way to spend the holidays with family.

What upcoming Ticket Alternative event are you most excited for?

I am really sad that I will be out of town and miss Perfect Pussy at The Earl. The next event I will attend is on Freshtix, Candler Park Festival, VIP and errything. Keep On Moving! at the Basement is always fun.

What’s the weirdest/funniest thing you’ve heard around the office?

Sometimes I go to the break room on Gossip Girl Wednesdays just to hear those guys’ reactions to the episode they are watching. It’s like a teen soap opera version of Mystery Science 3000.

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