TA Staff Picks: Favorite Craft Beers!

Today’s staff picks is something everyone will love – beer! In honor of the pre-sale ticket registration for the Vermont Brewer’s Festival this Friday, May 1 at 8 AM, we’ve gathered a list of a some of our favorite craft beers.

The 2015 Vermont Brewer’s Festival takes place July 17-18 at Burlington Waterfront Park. The pre-sale ticket registration begins May 1at 8 AM and will close May 2 at 6 PM. Retail tickets officially go on sale May 15 at 4 PM. Keep in mind that last year’s festival sold out in less than ten minutes! This is a 21+ event, and tickets are non-refundable with no exchanges, rain or shine! Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to taste a wide range of Vermont’s amazing craft beers.

Molly Segers – Hell or High Watermelon

“I LOVE Hell or High Watermelon from 21st Amendment Brewery. It’s bright and summery with a little watermelon in it. I first got it at DaVinci’s Pizza in Midtown, Atlanta after work, when a few of the employees went out for drinks.”

hell or high

Michelle Nohr – Creature Comforts Tropicalia

“My favorite would be Creature Comforts Tropicalia. It’s super tasty and not so sour like the CC Athena, and it’s from Athen’s, Ga. I have many memories enjoying one at all the great shows at the Georgia Theatre.”

Photo: Paste Magazine
Photo: Paste Magazine

Ashley Staggs – Fu ManBrew

“I like Fu ManBrew from Monday Night Brewing in Atlanta. Honestly it’s the only craft beer I can actually drink a whole bottle without wanting to switch to Bud Light. I first tried it when I was working at Scoutmob, because our company came up with the name for it! I like the ginger in it and it’s not too heavy for my less than refined beer palette.”


Johanna Isler – Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

“This is probably one of the first “craft beers” I’ve ever tried besides Sweetwater, and I immediately fell in love. I have an affinity to IPA’s, especially IPA’s with a slight fruity hint to it. It’s an incredibly drinkable, yet flavorful beer that has been a favorite go-to of mine for years.”

Photo by Chef Fresco
Photo by Chef Fresco

Brian Rojas – Monks Mead

“Monks Mead is my choice. I discovered it at Midway Pub EAV in the summer of 2012. I like it because of the flavor and the ABV (12.9%). It has hints of apple and sweet light fruit and honestly I try not to mess with anything below 8% ABV if I’m having beer. My favorite memory is having it at the Bookhouse Pub and by the end of dinner, I’d consumed four of them. The server said, “Um, I think I’m supposed to cut you off.”


Hillery Terenzi – Emergency Drinking Beer

“I love Emergency Drinking Beer from Wild Heaven in Atlanta! It’s a perfect summer beer, part gose and part pilsner. I’d drink it anytime!”

Photo by BeerStreetJournal

Nia Taylor – Kentucky Bourbon Ale

“I don’t have a lot of craft beer experience, but I love Kentucky Bourbon Ale! I think it’s the tones of oak and vanilla (and bourbon of course). I first had it at Stoney River restaurant and then again at Padraic’s in Vinings. It’s my go-to beer!”

Photo by Common Ground Food Cooperative
Photo by Common Ground Food Cooperative

Robbie Smith – Oloroso Cask

“My favorite beer on this planet is Innis and Gunn’s Oloroso Cask. It’s a Scottish brewery, and the beer is aged in these oak barrels that were previously used to age sherry. The beer is damn magical. I first had it last year with some friends and I was so in love I went and bought up all that Sherlock’s had.”


Nathan Pendley – Dragon’s Milk

“If I had to pick a favorite craft beer off the top of my head, I’d probably go with New Holland Brewing Company’s Dragon’s Milk. Stouts almost always taste amazing, and more importantly have a much higher percentage of alcohol by volume than most beers. As far my first or favorite experience drinking it, I can’t recall details. I’m sure that had something to do with the fact I was drinking.”


Don’t forget to register for pre-sale tickets for the 2015 Vermont Brewer’s Festival starting May 1 at 8 AM ET!



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