Client Corner: The Fox Theatre Releases Economic Impact Numbers

the fox theatre

As a nonprofit, The Fox Theatre strives to achieve long-term sustainability, so it can be shared with generations to come. In celebration of the Fox Theatre’s 40th Anniversary of the Save the Fox campaign, here’s a look into the impact the Fox has had on the city of Atlanta and other historic theaters:

Yearly Economic Impact:

  • The Fox paid $2.8 million in sales tax in 2014
  • Total annual economic impact by the Fox Theatre and its patrons:
    • $25 million (not including ticket sales)
    • 757 jobs
    • $1.2 million local government revenue
    • $1.4 million State government revenue (Americans for the Arts, 2012)
  • 62 full-time employees, 400 part-time employees and 800 volunteers

The Fox spends $1 million annually on theater upkeep –

  • It would cost $300 million to rebuild the Fox today
  • The Fox has re-invested $30 million in the restoration and maintenance of the theater since 1974
  • The Fox has 500,000+ visitors per year

Inspired by the dedicated group of citizens who saved the Fox 40 years ago, the nonprofit Fox Theatre Institute (FTI) was launched to pay the incredible efforts of the “Save The Fox” campaign forward, to rescue other Georgia theaters facing disaster, and to help preserve a way of life fast becoming extinct. In keeping environmental and economic impact top of mind, FTI offers the financial assistance, restoration support, and operations mentoring needed to leverage scarce resources and stimulate local economies.

Here’s a look at Fox Theatre Institute’s impact:

  • FTI has restored 10 theaters across Georgia
    • Recent theaters include the Holly Theatre in Dahlonega, the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta , and the President Theatre in Manchester
  • To date, FTI’s grant funds (totaling $215,000)have leveraged additional community investment in excess of $332,000
    • FTI grants are distributed annually; theaters across the state apply and are chosen by a panel of industry professionals
  • FTI also manages Georgia Presenters, which has made more than 100 events possible in 53 venues across the state.
    • Georgia Presenters is a statewide booking consortium that provides a vehicle for collective programming where presenters, theaters, and communities can work together to increase cultural opportunities in cities and towns statewide.
  • Through extensive research, FTI discovered a record of 374 historic theaters in Georgia
    • 114 were demolished between 1950 and the present
  • Currently, FTI estimates 262 historic theaters exist in Georgia
    • Of those 262 theaters, it is estimated that only 100 are still open and operating as theaters
  • FTI is now accepting applications for the 2015-2016 Preservation Grant Program, which provides funds for the maintenance, physical improvement, and preservation of theaters throughout Georgia

Get involved with Friends of the Fox and help FTI help Georgia!

 For more information and to find out how you can help, visit or For more information on the 40th anniversary campaign, please visit

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