Mill Town Music Hall talent to star on this season of ‘The Voice’!

For thScreen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.32.29 AMe last four years, Mill Town Music Hall has been the home and host to the West Georgia Sing-Off. The Sing-Off is a fundraiser for a west Georgia organization, BRIDGE, which supports local efforts to ‘BRIDGE’ recovery and resources for families fighting drug, substance abuse and other addictions.  The Sing-Off is a singing competition limited to 25 contestants.  In addition to performing in front of industry executive judges and winning a cash prize, each category winner (young adult, teen and adult) is invited to be the opening act for a future Mill Town concert.

The winner in the teen category for the last four years has been Caleb Hutchinson. Caleb is an aspiring singer/songwriter and, without a doubt, a very talented young man. Caleb auditioned for ‘The Voice’ and will be a contestant this season, which premieres tonight on NBC at 8pm EST.

For details on the 2015 BRIDGE Sing-Off, October 16, visit

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