Ticket Alternative’s Core Values

Ticket Alternative Core Values

Here at Ticket Alternative, our mission is simple: To serve those who love and create live events!

We simply wouldn’t be able to complete that mission every day if it weren’t for our wonderful staff, and the core values that drive everything we do. These values have been in our company since the start, but we recently decided to actually define them. Each one was inspired by all of the individual people we already have on our team, and each one describes the things we do every day.

  • Deliver Happiness – whether it’s one of our Customer Service Representatives helping a customer secure an awesome seat for a show at The Fox Theatre, or our Office Manager bringing a petting zoo to the office, we love to deliver happiness to others AND to each other!
  • Have Serious Fun – we know a thing or two about the motto, “Work hard, Play hard” and we exemplify it every day! When we’re not working our hardest to help ticket, staff, market, and serve great events, we’re likely attending some! We also have quite an affinity to checking out the latest hot spots in Atlanta together, like The Painted Pin or Joystick Gamebar.
  • Display Infectious Enthusiasm – we all LOVE what we do, and we can’t help but let it show. From helping our clients and customers, to simply working on projects together, we always make sure to do it with a little extra oomph.
  • Build Meaningful Relationships – with each other, with our customers, with our clients, and with the community – we cherish and nurture every relationship we develop because that’s part of what makes our work so great for us.
  • Do The Unexpected – this is what we like to call going above and beyond the standard call of duty. This could be from a co-worker helping out another co-worker on a different team, to offering free King of Pops popsicles to our neighbors just because we can!

All of these values not only define us, they also drive us to be the best ticketing alternative that we can be!


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