Client Corner: Google Analytics for Ticket Alternative Clients

GA for Ticket Alternative Clients

Google Analytics helps users analyze visitor traffic and paint a complete picture of their audience and its purchasing behavior. You can track the routes people take to reach your event page and the devices they use to get there, basic demographic information, and when and where the conversion is made.

By utilizing all of the data Google Analytics provides, it makes it easier than ever to tailor your marketing and page content for maximum impact!

With a uniquely branded site from Ticket Alternative, you can track the following:

  • Page Traffic to your event on
  • Audience demographics
  • Audience behavior flow
  • Conversions on

Reporting Options:

Ticket Alternative will work with you to set up custom dashboards and reporting in Google Analytics. You wil then be able to log in to your account to manage tracking and reporting as frequently as you need to.

For clients who would like to have reporting provided to them, Ticket Alternative will work with you to identify required reports and establish delivery frequency. Our Marketing team is also available to provide consultation on any data.

How To Get Started

Ticket Alternative will complete the initial set-up of your Google Analytics account. Then:

  • Work with Ticket Alternative to generate tracking codes
  • Log in to your (free) Analytics account
  • Configure your profile settings
  • Add more users to your account
  • Add the tracking code to your website
  • Start analyzing your traffic!

We can also provide any required training or assistance.

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