Ticket Alternative Client, Minnesota United, Expands Fan Ticketing Experience with 3D Seat Selection

minnesota_united_2014-svgTicket Alternative excitedly announced earlier this year that our client, Minnesota United, would make the transition to Major League Soccer in 2017, along with a big move to a new stadium. Making these changes easy on their fan-base was the number one concern of MNU, and they went in search of a unique solution to help them do so.

MNU was able to utilize our partnership with Ballena Technologies. Ballena’s Seats3D product is the market leader in sports venue 3D visualization. Their technology creates realistic seating visuals to improve the on-line ticketing experience by familiarizing potential customers closeupwith a facility.  This technology provided MNU fans a smooth transition to their new 20,000 seat stadium by displaying rich, 3D visualizations of the stadium during the ticket buying process, enabling fans to preview their seats with a virtual view of the field.

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